Special Parts cleaning & Std. loading Conveyors
automatic net weigh/count carton filling systems

Single & Double  washer
Sems Assembly Machines

  Nut Cutting &
  Forming Taps

 PFT 2 & 4 Spindle Bent Shank nut Tappers

Plating Dust Collection Systems

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PFT-Slot Master "A" Shank Slotter

Centrifuge Parts, And oil cleaning equipment

 Automated  Carton Labelers
  Smoke, Mist & Plating
Dust Collection 
Sealed Blind Rivet Combination Former
  Bulk Parts Handling & Feeding Equipment

fastener Machinery

Patriot Forming Technologies offers only the newest cold forming technology, primary & secondary  machinery, along with decades of manufacturing experience.

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Day to day issues in fastener manufacturing
Ultra High Speed Sorting,
 & Packaging Equipment 
Day to day issues in fastener manufacturing
Small Diameter  secondary parts Shaver
 Vibratory Feeding Equipment

 Used Cold Heading Equipment
PFT-150 Thermal Form wire heater

PFT-Weld Pro
Wire & ROd Butt Welder

Pressure sensor Monitoring systems


INCREASE profits.

  Full Line of High Speed Sorting, & Inspection Equipment


Patriot Forming Technologies  HAs many years of experience in nearly all aspects of fastener manufacturing.

American Built Carton Erectors, & Packaging Equipment
PFT Pinch Pointer

Robotic Palletizing work cell

Construction Fastener Sems Assembly Machine

The oil headermen choose