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​​​Many of Pico's customers needn't change their machine oil for well over a year.  of course they need to centrifuge all the contaminants, such as wire coatings & draw box lubes out of it, but the oil just doesn't break down.  just think, no changing oil for over a year.  way less down time from oil changes. 
Next, Pico implements special additives to your oil, depending on the type of job you are running.  heavy extrude jobs need special chemical compositions added to the oil, to facilitate the  reduction of area, and add life to your extruder land.  other jobs require other additives to allow better venting in order to fill shoulders out better.  Pico Has a lubricant to perfectly fit your application.  Call today for consultation.  219-413-6128

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Pico Chemical  is a very proud U.S. company which is continuously working hard to provide the very best solutions regarding problems their customers face everyday.   for over 40 years, Pico has been listening and reacting to problems that many maintenance personnel, Header, thread roller, & CNC set up people have been burdened with on a regular basis.  Fastener companies whom are willing to put forth a little trust in pico, are reaping the rewards from working with an expert!

So many fastener companies have been using the same outdated fluids they began with 30 plus years ago, and during this time, they've encountered continuous premature lubricity breakdown, poor tool life,  inconvenient machine breakdowns, and a host of other  unfortunate occurrences that may well have been avoided by utilizing the correct lubricants.  Everyone wants to save money.  It's pretty normal, but the companies which purchase  cheap oil to run their machinery, automatically invite early failure into their process!  Inevitably, it reduces profit margins from many different directions. 

With some fastener manufacturers here in the states leaning more toward multi-die formers, it's becoming more commonplace to take on  many different types of blank shapes and reductions.  some of these product characteristics most definitely require different types of lubrications in order to make these jobs run much smother and efficient.  That's where Pico comes in.  ​

Pico starts out by using premium, highly refined virgin quality base stocks and specially designed additives.  It's simply the best there is.  There's a reason for it.  

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