Across corner            Across flat                   Arc radius              Center to center            Center to edge

Chamfer angle          Concentricity              Diameter               Girth                                Height

Included angle          Major diameter          Max diameter      Max thickness                Max width

Min diameter            Min thickness             Min width             Minor diameter             Open crack / burrs    

Parallel edge             Pitch                             Pitch Diameter     Point to line                   Point to point

Proportion                Roundness                   Thickness              Thread angle

Measuring capabilities include , but are not limited to:

Eddy Current System for checking hardness of bolts, and studs.  Can give readings withing +/- 1.0 Point on "C" Scale

ppm and a quick return on investment !!!

Three Camera system for inspecting nuts, washers, and other products that require a faster sort at a more inexpensive price.

SPC Charts to Print or Store

Simultaneous measurements for top/bottom and side view through a high tempered glass plate.  Very adaptable for nuts, screws, specials, clips, o-rings, & rubber parts. This high speed sorter also runs over 600 ppm 

See it in Action!

Static Output Functions

PFT-7100     Glass Dial Vision Sorter

See it in Action!

 "THE JUDGE"   PFT-7400 Series   2 D, 360 Degree   Lab Inspector

Watch it in Motion

High Quality Sorting & Inspection Equipment

See it in Action!

Learn more about PFT's Sorting Equipment

PFT-7300   "V" Track Eddy Current


     Viewing Frame



      Width:   36mm

      Height: 48mm


      Width:    36mm

     Height:  90mm


      Width:    36mm

    Height:   200mm

with a very affordable Price means  minimal

PFT-7200    Conveyor Belt Vision Sorter

See it in Action!

2D, 360 Degree Automated Inspection Station.  Created for First Piece , In Process, and Final inspection. Simple to set up, & has fast teach mode.  Full SPC capabilities for recording data.  Also remembers set up by part number.

PFT-7000 Steel Rotary Disc Vision Sorter

Rotating 360 Degree Base for Complete Coverage 

 5 Seconds Each      1 Second for Data Extraction

Especially designed for hanging and rotating screws and bolts on a rotary dial.  This high speed sorter runs over 600 ppm