Learn More about PFT'S Vibratory Bulk Feeders

PFT Vibratory Bulk Feeders come in two different styles.  Type "P" is for accommodating the sliding front door type of tub feeding system.  Type "F" is for accommodating the tub flipping style of parts handling.  Both vibratory feeders are made of a thick gauge cold rolled steel, and can hold up to 20 cubic feet of product.  Product drop down dimensions come in 6, 8, 10, and 12 foot increments.  Our feeders come with a variable speed cube drive, and can be utilized with a paddle, or laser controlled filling system.  They can also be wired directly into almost any type of automatic filling system.  For inquiries, please click on the contact us button, and leave us your information and questions regarding this product.  Someone will be following back up with you quickly.