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Patriot Forming Technologies strives to help business owners re-develop a solid foundation through new manufacturing ideas, and is supplying our customers updated, and affordable equipment to become more efficient, and profitable.  We will work hard to improve your production, quality,  and delivery.

Bob Loudermilk

Years of experience: 45
Position: President & CEO

Mr. Loudermilk established Patriot Forming Technologies to provide the newest, worldwide cold heading technologies, along with manufacturing consulting to the fastener industry.  Since 1975 Bob has been involved in almost every aspect of fastener manufacturing and sales.  He first started out at the age of 14, setting up cold headers in his family's screw company (Midwest Fastener Corp.).  Midwest was Ford Motor Company's largest supplier of standard externally threaded fasteners.  As he moved up through the ranks, Bob gained much knowledge, and worked in all departments, including machine set up, machine rebuilding, maintenence, tool & die making, sorting, shipping & receiving, quality control, engineering, heat treating, plant managing, and inside/outside sales.  This wide experience has given him a good feeling for how screw and bolt manufacturing should function efficiently.  For the last decade, Bob has traveled around the world interacting with many overseas machinery fabricators.  Through this recent segment, Bob has discovered some of the very best and newest ideas in better machinery technology, giving him a good understanding of how North American fastener companies can improve their manufacturing process'.  PFT is making available this technology to the fastener marketplace.

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