Whether you are sorting Bolts, Screws, Rivets, Nuts, Washers, Stampings, or Assemblies, know that Dunkley has an answer for a quality inspection machine, and a quick return on investment. 

Dunkley CYPROVISION Ultra High Speed Sorter.  Simply Amazing !!!

Custom Designed Weighing and Packaging Systems to Fit Your Exisitng Set up and Your Budget.

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Ultra High Speed Vision Sorting Systems

Heavy Duty Feeding Hoppers Custom Sized to Accomidate any Bin

 Established in 1885, Dunkley International Inc.,is located in Kalamazoo, Michigan.  Dunkley International specializes in developing and producing innovative automated sorting, automated feeding, and packaging solutions.  Dunkley's inspection equipment is designed and constructed in house, ensuring top quality work from start to finish.  Dunkley Int'l is a "World Class" manufacturer and includes a very diverse approach to qualifying acceptable parts through a pattended High Speed inspection method .  Dunkley provides highly-nuanced sorting detection that was previously only possible through human intervention.