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Zero Smoke/Mist HS-2400

2,400 CFM

Zero Smoke/Mist HS-7200

7,200 CFM

HS-2400 Zero Smoke/Mist Designed for Cold Heading Applications.  Drastically Reduces Maintenence Costs, While Procucing Crisp, Fresh, Breathing Air. 

Ask us about our heading oil reclamation process.  It makes great sense, and saves big bucks!

Superior Dust Collection System, perfect for Plating Dust and Smokey Rooms.  CAA Air Streamer Comes with 10HP Backward Incline Airfoil Blower, Producing 6,000 Cubic Feet per Minute

Direction of Air Flow

Match Your Zero Smoke/Mist Collector to Your Existing Machinery Color.  Our Powder Coated Exterior Comes in any Color you Prefer.

Zero Smoke/Mist HS-4800

4,800 CFM

Clean Air America, Inc. Model 6 Air Streamer

Clean Air America   Zero Smoke/Mist Collection Units